3 Steps For An Effective Workout Routine

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3 Steps For An Effective Workout Routine

When planning a workout you always have in mind the desire to get in shape quickly. But after all, who does not want that? So taking the necessary measures before each exercise session can culminate in positive achievements, without sabotaging results, getting injuries and long-term illnesses. So here are three steps so you can achieve that in the most effective way.


1. Use a foam roller 10 to 15 minutes before training

Having a muscular therapy before training will help break the knots in the tissues, improve muscle quality and increase mobility. But most do not have easy access to massage therapy, that is why we can recommend an alternative. Fortunately you can get an effective massage with the help of a roll of foam. After 10 minutes of using the foam roller, the body will be more agile and, therefore, the exercises can be done efficiently.


2. Perform dynamic mobility work for 5 to 10 minutes before exercising

Before training it is necessary to focus on dynamic mobility, since the movements of the body are maintained for a few seconds in each position. Research has shown that people who do a dynamic warm-up produce great long-term benefits in flexibility and mobility. Like an increase in strength compared to those who perform a static stretch. You can do a dynamic mobility routine before starting training, or make movements that work the muscles that are going to exercise.

3. Feed yourself 60 to 90 minutes before training

Most people who come to the gym do so without having ingested something before. They think that it is better to train on an empty stomach, since more fat is burned. However, it is not quite like that. Likely nothing has not been consumed for 12 hours prior, so the body is hungry and it is most likely to work without performing to the maximum. A pre-workout meal will give strength, vitality and energy. It even boosts metabolism to contribute to protein synthesis, increase muscle mass and burn fat. Now that if the first thing you do when you get up is exercise, an option would be to try a protein shake.

So you shouldn’t only exercise to reach the goal quickly, rather, to follow a series of steps to obtain reliable results to be fit and healthy, by also using the right energy shakes and supplements to maximize results.

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