How To Burn Calories In A Few Minutes

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How To Burn Calories In A Few Minutes

If you’ve finally decided to get healthy this year, then here is a simple solution. You only need very little time to make this workout. This routine consists of very complete exercises that put to work each muscle and the challenge lies in performing the repetitions of each one for 2 minutes. Then rest a minute and start again until you complete the 20 minutes of training. So give it your all and enjoy the quick results!


It is a very complete exercise, but to do it correctly you must place your feet in a straight line and at shoulder height. From the starting point, flex your legs until you reach an angle of 90˚. From there, push the heels hard and return to the starting position.


Of the best workouts to tone thighs, abdomen and legs. Adopt the initial position of the squat. From there, take a stride forward while you flex your legs. Maintain a maximum angle of 90˚. Without resting the knees on the ground, perform the opposite movement to return to the starting point.

Air squat

Stand with your legs straight at your hips. From this point, flex your legs until you reach an angle of 90˚. From there, make a powerful movement by pushing the ground hard with your heels, making a vertical jump.


Stand up, crouch and extend your arms until you lay your palms on the ground. From there, throws your legs back until they flex. Run and get up again.

Front iron

Start lying face down on the mat. Place the forearms and feet as support. Once in the correct position, align the hip with the neck and face towards the floor. From this point, keep the position.

Nothing complicated, don’t you think? But every challenge is worth it to be able to be in shape and achieve that this year! Let’s go get it!

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